TFCC stands for triangular fibrocartilage complex. It is a cartilage which sits in your wrist to help stabilise it. It can get torn when load is repeatedly applied to it.


Activities that may lead to a TFCC tear

  • Repetitive weight bearing on the hands while the wrist is extended e.g. rowing, push ups
  • Fall on outstretched hand e.g. fall in snow boarding


Signs and symptoms of Shoulder subluxation and/ or dislocation

  • Pain at the wrist especially while extending the wrist or moving the hand towards the pinky
  • Swelling at the wrist
  • Pain while putting weight through the hand


How can Physiotherapy help?

Your Physiotherapist will be able to:

  • Help you identify aggravating activities
  • Help you identify positions of comfort
  • Provide manual therapy to reduce pain and overactivity in muscles
  • Guide you through strengthening exercises
  • Provide strapping or bracing options