If you get pain while you run or after you run or if you would like to prevent running injuries a biomechanical analysis of running is a good starting point.


Why do a running analysis

  • Identify problems before they become injuries
  • Sort out pain caused by running
  • Increase running efficiency
  • Identify compensatory patterns that have developed as a result of weakness or imbalance
  • If you are keen to build running load and speed particularly if you are thinking about entering an event, get yourself in for a video analysis. You might be surprised at what you find!


What is involved in a running analysis

  • A comprehensive medical history of your injury if you have one, riding style, mileage, changes to training or equipment, goals you want to achieve
  • Measurement of your body’s anthropometry, flexibility and core stability
  • Video analysis on treadmill to analyse current running technique
  • Recommendations to change running technique to improve running efficiency, this is videoed to see how you feel with the changes
  • Report which indicates any modifications you should make to the bike, recommendations of stretches, strengthening or motor control exercises to help with your current injury or to prevent an injury
  • Follow up video analysis on treadmill
  • Subsequent running analysis is highly recommended
  • Once the assessment has been completed, if there is a recommendation for developing your running technique as part of your injury management and injury prevention program, sessions will be planned out and organised.


What to bring

  • Current running shoes
  • Orthotics
  • Shorts
  • Running top


If you have any questions regarding a running analysis at our clinic please call us on (02) 8068 8832.