The bike fitting service and analysis is offered to anyone who rides a bike. You will benefit from a bike fit if you have pain when you ride or if you want to prevent injury.


What a Bike fit involves

  • A comprehensive medical history of your injury if you have one, riding style, mileage, changes to training or equipment, goals you want to achieve
  • Measurement of your body’s anthropometry, flexibility and core stability
  • Identify ideal bike frame size
  • Video analysis to analyse current bike set up and how you ride
  • Changes are made to the current bike set up and you are videoed again to see how you feel in the new position
  • Report which indicates any modifications you should make to the bike, recommendations of stretches, strengthening or motor control exercises to help with your current injury or to prevent an injury


What to bring to your bike fit

  • Your bike
  • Usual cycling outfit
  • Shoes/ cleats


If you have any questions regarding our bike fitting service please give us a call on (02) 8068 8832.