Most soccer players are aware of how important a warm up is in ensuring that not only can they play at the best but remain injury free whilst doing so.  However it can be difficult to figure out exactly how to warm up, you might be asking yourself what exercises/skills do I do? In comes the FIFA 11+.


But before we go any further, if there is only one take away from this blog it should be that pre game static stretching is OUT and dynamic stretching/sports specific movement is IN and the research supports this.


The FIFA 11+ is a three stage, 20minute soccer specific warm up program, designed by FIFA with proven results for injury prevention – Thorborg et al found that this program reduced overall injury rates in recreational soccer players by 39% and reduced hamstring injuries by 60% and knee injuries by 48% – The best part of this is it requires no equipment!


This program focuses on dynamic sport specific exercises to help prepare your body for the game or training session ahead. You can find the exercises below:


Written by Daniel Packer, Physiotherapist