Osgood Schlatter Syndrome

Osgood Schlatter is a common knee injury affecting active adolescents who have had a sudden growth spurt. It describes pain felt at a bony protuberance called the tibial tuberosity.


What Causes Osgood Schlatter?

Pain of Osgood Schlatter results from inflammation caused by the quadriceps tendon pulling off the tibial tuberosity due to strong quadriceps contraction.


What are the symptoms of Osgood Schlatter?

Often pain is insidious and localised to the tibial tuberosity which is located at the front of the knee. Swelling and heat is likely to be present at the site of injury. Pain is felt during physical activity, stairs, squatting, walking, running.


Osgood Sclatter is self limiting and children will begin to feel better over a year.


Treatment for Osgood Schlatter

Physiotherapy aims to restore pain- free range of movement. Children do not have to stop sports participation and education on safe activity modification is vital.


Your Physiotherapist will discuss your treatment goals and educate you about the condition, the rehabilitation process and preventative methods to reduce the risk of future injury.


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