Olecranon bursitis also known as student’s elbow may occur after an acute trauma to the elbow or repeated compression on the elbow such as sitting with your elbows on the table for long periods of time. The bursa is a sac of fluid in the elbow that may become filled with blood and serous fluid.


What is the usual mechanism of injury?

  • Acute fall onto elbow
  • Resting the elbow on the table for long periods


Signs and symptoms of an olecranon bursitis

  • A swollen pouch at the back of the elbow
  • Pain on palpation


How can Physiotherapy help?

Your Physiotherapist will be able to:

  • Help you identify aggravating activities
  • Guide you through a load management program- what activities you can do or can’t do, how to modify some of the activities that cause you pain
  • Provide manual therapy to reduce pain, tightness and improve movement
  • Help you make decisions if further medical treatment may be required