Iliotibial BandFriction Syndrome (ITBFS)

Injury Description 

The Iliotibial band is a thickening of a fascial wrapping around the thigh. It is located on the outer thigh. It is often irritated over the bottom of its attachment to the outter side of the knee.


Iliotibial band friction syndrome is an overuse injury.


The condition is often caused by an increase in size of the quadriceps, increased tension in hip muscles such as gluteals and tensor fascia lata or weakness of the hip abductor muscles.



Pain is located on the outside of the knee and is usually experienced in downhill running or cycling.


Symptoms are usually felt at about the same time during each bout of exercise.



Patients recover well with Physiotherapy treatment and should expect to be able to return to normal sports/ activities.


If conservative treatment does not work, surgical release of the iliotibial band is an option.



  1. Physiotherapy aims to relieve pain by correcting biomechanical inefficiencies, reducing muscular tension, improving motor control of the hip and knee muscles.
  2. Cortisone injection could be used in conjunction with physiotherapy. It aims to reduce inflammation at the site of irritation.
  3. Surgery aims to release the Iliotibial band. It should only be considered if conservative management fails.