A fractured clavicle (collar bone) is common in mountain biking and sports where a there is increased risk of falling onto the shoulder. The collar bone often breaks where it changes direction. If the fracture is stable, it is managed conservatively, if it is more severe it will be operated on.


Signs and symptoms of Clavicle Fractures

  • Pain at the collarbone
  • A step deformity is present at the collar bone
  • Pain with raising the arm above shoulder height
  • Pain while pressing your hands together or bearing weight through your hands


How can Physiotherapy help?

Your Physiotherapist will be able to:

  • Help you identify aggravating activities
  • Help you identify positions of comfort
  • Provide manual therapy to reduce pain and overactivity in muscles around your shoulder
  • Guide you through strengthening and scapular stabilisation exercises to conservatively manage a fractured clavicle
  • Guide you through post- operative rehabilitation if you have undergone surgery for your fractured clavicle